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Reverse Logistics

As good as your products may be, there’s no escaping the fact that sometimes they’re going to be returned. Managing reverse logistics can be a challenge.

Properly managing returns is critical. It represents a huge source of untapped value that can positively impact a company’s bottom line. It’s a key element in the operations and profitability of every business and should be part of every company’s product lifecycle and customer retention strategies.

The three main areas of Remar can help manage your reverse logistics.

Product Relabeling

Repackaging and Rework

  • Relabeling
  • Modifying and reconfiguring
  • Variety and multi-packing from bulk
  • Bulk to single
  • Remove/rework products with issues
  • Reclaim damaged goods
Remar Product Sorting, Relabeling and Fulfillment

Inspection and Product Reclamation

  • Partial or whole (100%) inspections
  • Testing and replacing bad parts
  • Adding new or missing parts
  • Adjusting mislabeled products
  • Cosmetic/refurbishment work
  • Sorting mixed lot codes
  • Inspecting and culling damaged products
Remar Product Sorting, Relabeling and Fulfillment

Managing Recalls

  • Directed product inspection
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Parts replacement or addition
  • Refurbishing services
  • Kitting, re-kitting, and repackaging
  • Return to vendor or OEM
  • Disposal or liquidation services
  • Recycling

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