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Fulfillment Center Services – The Importance of Using Flexible Technologies Background Image

Fulfillment Center Services – The Importance of Using Flexible Technologies

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Fulfillment Center Services – The Importance of Using Flexible Technologies

If you run a company, you should know the importance of outsourcing your order management to a third-party fulfillment service. It provides your business the distribution and warehousing services it needs to support business growth. Nevertheless, you must consider working with a professional fulfillment service that makes use of flexible technologies to deliver customized distribution platform specifically designed around your business requirement. This will help you maximize your potential benefits.

A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that using a third-party fulfillment service will force them into using already determined model for inventory management, fulfillment, distribution and reporting. This is not always the case, as a good distribution company should be able to provide a greater flexibility in creating effective distribution models specifically tailored to each of their client’s business needs.

Every company has its unique needs in terms of warehousing, distribution and inventory management. So, a predetermined model cannot work for every business. Before you choose a fulfillment center service, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they support B2B fulfillment, direct to customer, or both?
  • Does the company have the ability of effectively tracking customer’s orders, no matter the volume?
  • Do they have the capability of effectively integrating their systems with your business’s data infrastructure?


For instance, if you run a business that supplies products, which requires a lot of assembling and packaging process, then it will be of immense help to use warehousing companies that provide spacious and reliable warehouses. They should also have the experience and technology needed for complex or special assemble prior delivery.

Furthermore, as you expand your business, you may need better options for storage, not just in terms of available space, but also for management procedures and inventory control. A good fulfillment service company should be able to customize their inventory management system to suit your business requirements. Tracking systems can be put in place to ensure accurate view of your inventory and automatic rules set up to make sure that stocks never fall below the minimum requirement.

Some fulfillment services even have the capability of integrating their own ordering systems into your existing e-commerce infrastructure. This helps to eliminate the additional step of continuously sending order information to the floor of the warehouse for processing, thereby facilitating accurate and fast product distribution.

Even though cartons and boxes can be manufactured in different sizes, automated packaging capabilities can help design a custom shipping packaging for every order. Some fulfillment centers can offer special care for some product-types such as fragile items or marketing materials during pack out.

Choosing to work with a flexible fulfillment center can provide your business with enormous savings in terms of distribution and storage costs, as well as ease the burden of order and inventory management. However, if you want to gain a competitive advantage, you’ll need the services of a distribution company that goes beyond just meeting your basic business needs.

Remar is a professional warehousing and order fulfillment service company that identifies your business needs and then creates a customized solution to ensure cost-effective, efficient and reliable product distribution that will drive business growth. Regardless of whether it’s for POS, retail distribution, or e-commerce, Remar is sure to deliver.