D.I.E Trying

For those of us whose primary business is product fulfillment, another busy season, or as we like to call it-the crazy season-has come and gone. In reflecting back over the past year, emotions run high in both directions: there was accomplishment, joy and satisfaction; but at times there was also frustration and anxiety.

As any provider knows, the crazy season is totally unpredictable. In addition to exciting new opportunities, it can also be filled with pitfalls and potential disasters. And unavoidably, as a
fulfillment provider, we’re the ones who ultimately pay the price for a lack of planning on the part of our customers and/or vendors.

But as professionals, we must always take the high road! In rising to every challenge, we often tell our clients,“We’ll make it right,or we’ll die trying.” This well-used cliché can help you turn a negative into a positive by simply converting the word “die” into an acronym that will help you achieve success: Develop, Implement, Execute.

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