Remar to Acquire Prospect’s Packaging and Fulfillment Business

December 1, 2016

Prospect, a non-profit that provides support services to individuals with disabilities, announced in Mid-November that they are closing their packaging and fulfillment work center effective November 30th.  Remar is excited to announce that it is assuming Prospect’s packaging and fulfillment accounts and will be hiring several of Prospect’s employees whose positions have been eliminated.

As the state of Tennessee calls to close sheltered workshops, with the hopes of integrating people with disabilities into inclusive work environments, Prospect made the decision to close their work center. They have decided to focus their efforts on Prospect’s employment, day service, residential, and child development programs.

Remar, an industry-leading warehousing, fulfillment and packaging organization, who has had a long-standing working relationship with Prospect, is acquiring Prospect’s work center customers and a number of employees effective December 1.

Much of the day to day operations will remain the same, however, there will be some changes, for example bringing in a state-of-the-art warehouse management system to help run the operations.

When the opportunity to assume Prospect’s customers and hire their team members arose, Remar felt it was a perfect fit.  Diversity is important to Remar as a minority owned business.  The opportunity to expand our workforce to incorporate people with disabilities is another way to become a more inclusive organization and support the community at the same time

This is a win for everyone. Prospect’s customers will see very little change in the operations and there will be a seamless transition from Prospect to Remar. Many of Prospect’s employees will continue to do the work they have been trained in and are skilled at without fear of losing their employment. Prospect will get to focus on their mission and finding competitive employment that pays at least minimum wage for people with disabilities in the Lebanon area. And, Remar is expanding not only its business but is becoming an even more inclusive organization.

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