Prospect Names Remar, Inc. Business Partner of the Year

Remar is proud to be named “Business Partner of the Year” for 2015 by Prospect.


To be considered for this honor, Prospect looks for companies that standout. It is important that the business partner support the mission of Prospect, which is to provide support services and employment to people who have disabilities or other barriers to personal independence.

They also take in consideration the relationship between Remar and Prospect provides an open line of communication, support, commitment, and opportunities, as well as the relationship they have with each person they come in contact with at Remar.

This is what Prospect had to say about why Remar was honored this year:

“Remar does so much for us: not only the opportunities, but also volunteering this year during Christmas and providing lunch to our production staff, which takes pride in the jobs they do for Remar.”

We are honored to be named the 2015 Business Partner of the Year. The work that Prospect does with Remar allows us to be a more efficient supplier for our customers, which results in more business opportunities, as well as more opportunities to work together.

For more information about Prospect and they work they do you can check out their website at

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