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Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes!

Remar saves customers money on boxes, packaging and packaging supplies

Almost every product has been in a box at some point during in its life cycle.  Most of the time, it’s been in a brown box.

While corrugated containers may seem plain or boring, they’re far from that. More than 90% of all the products in North America are delivered or displayed in corrugated packaging before they’re used or consumed. Corrugated packaging is a $26-billion-a-year industry; it also employs an estimated 80,000-90,000 people in North America.

 It’s not just a brown box anymore!

Boxes are specifically designed for the types of products they will contain. That means a product’s size, shape, weight, durability and how it fits into the box are all considered in its design and manufacture. Other box design factors crucial to protecting products include filling requirements, pallet patterns, and how the product will be handled in a warehouse and shipped to its destination.

Remar offers all types of corrugated packaging and product displays

With third-party logistics and product fulfillment as its core business, Remar purchases a lot of corrugate.

“Virtually everything we do here requires boxes, so we purchase higher volumes than most businesses, direct from corrugate manufacturers,” said Brian Tuggle, Remar’s Director of Packaging Solutions. “We also have the space to store and manage large inventories of corrugate.”

Remar customers who use corrugated packaging may not purchase at levels that qualify for the high-volume pricing Remar receives.

Or, Remar customers who use high volumes of corrugate may not have the floor space to maintain large box inventories, or would rather use their space for other business purposes. To help customers save time, money and resources, Remar began offering corrugated packaging.

“We sell boxes in almost every type and size at extremely competitive prices. We offer graphic design services at every level, from very basic such as type-only or one-color art, to multi-colored art,” said Brian. Remar also provides labeling ideas, box and display samples, and manages printing and production for every type of corrugated packaging. “If required, we can turn a sample or mock-up in as little as 24-48 hours,” he added.

The packaging team also manages the manufacture of corrugated POP displays. Once produced, Remar’s Production department often packs them out. Displays produced and packed out by Remar are regularly seen in well-known department, home improvement, wholesale/club and drug stores throughout the U.S., including Sam’s, Costsco and Home Depot.

We manage boxes, boxes and more boxes!

“Space is critical for our customers,” said Brian. “Many don’t have the capacity to store a lot of corrugate onsite. And when you warehouse inventory, you also have to manage it, which means you’re sometimes directing part of your resources away from other aspects of your business.”

Remar eliminates the hassles by managing the entire process. We pick, pack and ship corrugate every day—providing boxes on a just-in-time basis, which helps customers retain their space.

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