You’ve Got to be Kitting Me: Remar’s Kitting Services

Our last blog post was about the magical world of subscription boxes, and today we’re going to learn how Remar’s kitting services are a great way to get your subscription box properly packed and then sent off speedily to its eager new owner.

When multiple items need to be included in a single kit, Remar has the solution. From simple kits, such as a product plus CD, to kits with a complex mix of options, we’ve perfected the art of kitting and assembly. We combine state-of-the-art technology with an expert team of assemblers to get your product to market quickly and accurately.

Our Processkitting

We receive materials directly from you, your suppliers, or manufacturers. Then we verify that all of the required items and quantities for your kit have been received in good condition while we maintain an ongoing inventory of both components and finished goods in our proprietary Warehouse Management Systems.

Our Flexibility

With Remar managing your kitting and assembly, you get volume flexibility that can increase your profitability. If your customers require more units or a faster turnaround, Remar can help you meet their needs. If changes are made on a customer’s purchase order, Remar can make the adjustments.

Our kitting and assembly services also include on-demand kitting and build-to forecasts for storing inventory. Our large, secure warehouse can support all your storage and fulfillment needs. Whether it’s print, premium, dimensional, or point-of-purchase items, we can also support the design and production of your kit components. Whatever your vision, Remar can source, inventory, assemble, package, and ship almost anything.

Remar has also provided kitting services to smaller companies.  Whatever the size of your kitting needs, Remar has a solution to fit you and get your kit quickly to its eager customer.

Do fast output and leading experience sound good to you? If so, feel free to browse our website or contact us to learn more about what Remar’s kitting services can do for your subscription box.

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5 Ways Subscription Boxes are Knocking People’s Socks Off

Recently, I had to go research a lot of subscription boxes. I definitely wasn’t alone in this. I only did about half of it. But with over 700 services out there promising to bring mindblowing surprises to your door, how could you possibly begin to sift through all the bits of makeup and diapers and wine bottles to pull out some meaning? Well, I did, ladies and gentlemen, and this was the conclusion I came to. Subscription boxes have hit a gold mine. Here are the ways I think they’re working.

1. Literally, They are Knocking People’s Socks off With New Socks.

Socks Clip Art ClipartThere are so many subscription boxes that offer monthly sock deliveries. Rainbow socks, fancy socks, socks covered in pizza, you name it. This intern’s personal favorite Sock Subscription Service is called Foot Cardigan. They offer not only socks, but an incredibly humorous staff that runs their business. And it is this, I think that speaks to one of the core tenants of subscription box success. The element of whimsy. They’ve taken something slightly boring, like so many other subscription boxes, and made it fun by adding humor, surprise, and a very fun makeover of something you wouldn’t ordinarily try. Whimsy works.

2. Did Someone Say Cheap Makeup? Where? WHERE IS IT? I WANT IT.

One of the other big draws of the subscription box is the lure of potential for a REALLY good deal. Most subscription boxes, especially beauty boxes, such as ipsy bag and birchbox, claim values to their subscription boxes of up to five times what the subscriber pays for them. And they’re not really lying, either. For an ipsy bag, you pay $10 a month, and you get at least one full or deluxe size sample of an expensive makeup item in the range of $10-20, ordinarily. Then, you get a bunch of other samples, a cute makeup bag, and usually a good makeup brush on top of that. You really are basically making money, as long as you’re the adventurous kind of person who will try anything once and probably get more wear out of it than that. And hey, there’s always the bag itself. The lure of the deal is doing some exceptional work for beauty boxes.

3. The Hitherto Unheard of Combination of Fine Dining and Sweatpants

Have you always wanted to be a really great chef who never has to leave their house? Well, thanks to the convenience of food subscription boxes, now you can. You don’t even have to go to the trouble of looking up a recipe or finding the ingredients. They’re all delivered right to your door in one box. Granted, you still have to do the cooking, but the time you save not leaving the house is well worth it, right? That’s the concept behind a lot of food subscription boxes, taking advantage of our deep love of convenience, which there’s nothing wrong with every once in a while. And whether it’s gourmet cooking or a variety of snack foods, healthy or deliciously junky, food subscription boxes are really capitalizing on our love of sweatpants, and it’s paying off for them tremendously.

4. Travel in a Magic Box

Want to go to Morocco? No magic carpet or airplane miles or money to fly to Morocco? Well, let Morocco come to you. That’s the concept between many travel-based subscription boxes. One of my favorites is also a food subscription box called Try the World. They have a themed box every other month, like Morocco, for instance, from which they’ll send you gourmet food samples, along with a booklet about the country, telling you about each product, the culture, and even providing a recommended playlist for a fabulous dining adventure. There are multiple subscription boxes that offer you travel at home, and for busy people, they provide a fantastic, much-needed vacation for the evening. Travel boxes help us unwind, if for a shorter time than we would prefer. It’s the next best thing to taking a week off. Plus, you get to stay inside with your air conditioning and not have to wonder whether your bedsheets have been washed.

5. FUN

Really, all subscription boxes are pretty fun. The most boring one I found offered parents the ability to send socks and underwear and t-shirts to their college kids every month, but even those included one or two fun surprises, like candy or bracelets. Probably the best examples of fun boxes though, are the boxes you can get for your kids. They can get monthly experiments, imaginative play and dress up kits, stuffed animals in boxes designed for infants. But really, it’s not about what’s in the box, it’s the fact that Christmas can come in July and every other month, holding a fantastic surprise you can only guess at. You can go with something cheap like ipsy ($10 per month) or something very expensive, like one of the many wine clubs, which can offer packages up in the multiple hundred dollar range. It could be for you or for your child or for your pet. The joy of receiving a surprise is still what makes subscription boxes the most fun and what has jettisoned many of them to success.

If you happen to own a subscription box service, and would like to find out how Remar can help you grow, make sure you take a look at our next post to learn more about our amazing kitting services and how we’ve been able to keep subscription boxes keep their customers satisfied and re-subscribing.

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Hurricane Season

Hello All!Hurricane Symbol

It’s your friendly neighborhood intern and former child meteorologist (Not kidding about this one. It was my best event in Science Olympiad. I won a bunch of medals in middle school.) here to remind you that Hurricane Season for the Pacific Coast started on May 15th , and, more recently, Hurricane Season for the Atlantic Coast started on June 1st. Yes, this post is a bit late, but so far, there haven’t been any hurricanes to remind us about Hurricane Season. There was Tropical Storm Bill, who did some pretty nasty damage to Texas, but still no Hurricanes.

During Hurricane Season, which will last until November 30, so it’s more like the Hurricane Half of the Calendar, really, there is, as you may have already guessed, an increased chance of hurricanes. Sometimes, these hurricanes can interfere with shipping, causing delays from our various shipping providers, as FedEx kindly reminded us this week.

While we shouldn’t have any issues here at Remar, being so far inland, hurricanes can still cause trouble for shipping. So, FedEx has recommended the following web pages to check up on hurricane interference on their end and on hurricane status in general:

FedEx Service Alerts for FedEx Delays
National Weather Service National Hurricane Center for Hurricane status updates
National Weather Service for general weather advisory updates

Hurricanes also have the potential to interfere with our other shipping partners, as well, but as long as we keep calm, check the weather, and remember to be patient during tropical storm emergency situations, everything should resume as quickly as it can.




BONUS: Just for fun, here are the 2015 Tropical Storm/Hurricane Names for the Atlantic Coast. I believe we’ve only made it to Bill, so far over on this side. Let’s hope it stays there.

Fun Facts about Tropical Storm Hurricane names: There are six lists of names for the Atlantic Coast that get cycled through every year. If a hurricane is especially bad, they’ll retire the name and add a new name starting with the same letter to the list. The names alternate between male and female and skip Q, U, X, Y, and Z.


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Questions to Ask a Fulfillment Partner: Part 4

Yellow Question Mark ButtonOver the past several weeks we have been reviewing questions you need to ask a potential fulfillment partner.  The decision to outsource your fulfillment or switch to a new company is a big one and we want to make sure that you have your bases covered!

A quick review:
Week 1: Where are you located? How big is your warehouse? How long have you been in business?

Week 2: Do you have minimum and maximum volumes you handle? Which shipping companies do you use? How much order volume can you handle?

Week 3: Can I access my account information 24/7 over the web? Who will be handling my account and do I have a dedicated support specialist? How much do your services cost and what do I get?

On to the last three of our 12 questions you should be asking a potential fulfillment partner?

10. Can you provide three or more references?

The correct answer should be absolutely! You should also ask for references that are similar in size and scope to your project.

11. How often do I pay you for your services?

Payment terms vary from company to company. It is good to find out what the terms are so you can anticipate and plan for invoices.

12. Are you ISO certified?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask. It is very important that your fulfillment partner’s quality management system is based on ISO Standards. As an ISO certified company we at Remar abide by the most stringent quality standards, which provides a framework for ensuring quality processes and customer satisfaction. We are committed to continual improvement, and a desire to push the envelope to run efficient client programs.

These questions not only cover the basics, but should also help you determine if your potential fulfillment partner is a company that deserves your trust. You are putting your company, products, and brand in someone else’s hands.

Hopefully you have gained some insight over the past several weeks. Please share the questions you ask a potential fulfillment partner

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