Remar Product Fulfillment Brochure

Anyone can ship boxes. But can they help your business grow? At Remar Inc., it’s our mission to help you eliminate the distractions and expense of order fulfillment so you can focus on managing and growing your business. Remar is a leading national provider of inventory management and product fulfillment services.

When space is low, staff is thin and scaling operations for large or seasonal projects is impossible, outsource your product fulfillment to Remar. Remar lets you expand operations at a
fraction of the cost to build your own.

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Remar POP Displays and Custom Packouts

We provide innovative packaging solutions for some of the most-recognized companies in the U.S. We can create an infinite array of unique designs and configurations for both simple and complex POP packaging projects.

During the design phase, we’ll provide full-color renderings and 3D mockups with prototypes you can touch and feel, to help you make your packaging decisions easy.

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Remar Packaging and Product Assembly

Shrink wrap film is ideal for packaging when odd-shaped or multiple items must be presented in an appealing, tamper-resistant way. It’s available in colors and highly printable, and can be used as a marketing tool to enhance your brand. Shrink wrap meets the challenges of packaging unique shapes and weights, variable sizes and non-traditional quantities, while maintaining outstanding strength and appearance. It’s extremely cost-effective, reducing the overall cost of your packaging and production processes.

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Remar Contract Packaging and Product Fulfillment

Getting your products to market requires the support of a reliable and experienced packaging and fulfillment services company. You need someone you can count on to deliver quality and accuracy—day after day, order after order.

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