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As good as your products may be, there's no escaping the fact that sometimes they're going to be returned. Managing reverse logistics
can be a challenge; most companies focus on inventory management from the forward distribution perspective only.

Collecting, handling and processing returned product is a complex and labor-intensive process that's not generally part of a company's
core competencies. Returned goods can't be managed by simply running operations in reverse. Reverse logistics requires a number of
unique functions not included in outgoing shipping operations.

Properly managing returns is critical. It represents a huge source of untapped value that can positively impact a company's bottom line.

Reverse logistics can push products back to the market. It's a key element in the operations and profitability of every business, and should be part of every company's product lifecycle and customer retention strategies.

Repackaging and rework
Sometimes circumstances require your product to be repackaged, relabeled or changed to a different sales configuration,such as converting single-sale units to club-sale packages, or adding, removing
or modifying components in existing finished goods.

Repackaging may also be required if there was a packing defect, shipping damage or if an inspection is needed. Remar is always ready for quick-turn repackaging jobs!

We can repackage or rework a wide variety of products using both automated equipment and hand disassembly/assembly. With an extremely scalable and highly skilled workforce, we provide our clients with maximum flexibility and cost savings.


Modifying and reconfiguring

Variety and multi-packing from bulk

Bulk to single

Remove/rework products with issues

Reclaim damaged goods

Inspection and product reclamation
Don't scrap product that has issues, get it back into the supply chain and reclaim your revenue stream! We're experts in labor-intensive
inspections and reclamation services, and offer cost-effective solutions to identify and cull out damaged, non-conforming or rejected
products of less-than-desired quality.

Partial or whole (100%) inspections are completed according to your specifications. Whether it's testing and replacing bad components,
adding new or missing parts, adjusting mislabeled products, cosmetic/refurbishment work, sorting mixed lot codes, or inspecting and
culling damaged products, we can complete your job quickly.

Turn a negative into a positive when Remar manages your recalls
When product recalls strike, time is of the essence. Remar has the resources and experience to manage the process for you. We'll
receive your returned goods and provide services such as assembly/disassembly, testing, inspection, repackaging and rework to help
you salvage as much as possible, or we can recycle or properly dispose of your returned product.

Directed product inspection

Diagnostic testing

Parts replacement or addition

Refurbishing services

Kitting, re-kitting and repackaging

Flashing and firmware/software upgrades

Return to vendor or OEM

Disposal or liquidation services


Because we're ISO 9001:2008 certified, quality, accuracy and operational efficiency are ensured.